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                                    QA Medical Co.,Ltd., established in 2009, specializes in researching, producing and marketing of disposable sterile medical devices. With superior design and excellent quality, QA Medical Co.,Ltd. is well positioned in the field of high-end medical devices. In pursuing principle of “Excellent Quality, Healthy Life”, our company has obtained CE and ISO13485:2003 certificate. With excellent reputations, QA Medical Co.,Ltd. has been qualified as a member of China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI) as well as Shanghai Association for Medical Devices Industry.

                                    Our main products include disposable sterile catheters, anesthesia airways, and ventilation tubes, etc. Some products have been awarded with patents in China.

                                    Located in Minhang District (near Longwu Rd.), Shanghai, QA Medical Co.,Ltd. has a factory with area over 5000 ㎡ which includes 10-thousand-grade and 100-thousand-grade purification shop floors, an independent microbiology test laboratory, a sampling room, a physics laboratory and a chemistry laboratory, etc. We have a professional product research and development team and the capabilities of injection molding, blowing molding, extrusion, tip forming, cutting & skiving, welding, punching/drilling, necking, printing, soft/hard plastic packaging and sterilization, which is capable to meet various customers’ requirements for quality, technology and services.

                                    Striving for innovation and superior quality assurance, QA Medical Co.,Ltd. is committed to build an outstanding enterprise with strong competitiveness. By providing high-quality products and excellent services, we look forward to servicing more customers domestically and internationally to create healthy life with quality.
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                                    SHFDAD No. 20101767
                                    2nd Floor, Building 6, 328 Jinglian Rd., Minhang District, Shanghai, P.R.China
                                    Fax.:+86-21-64348829 Postcode: 201108

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