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                                    Percutaneous Tracheostomy

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                                    Purecath Percutaneous tracheostomy kit adopted specially designed guide wire and tracheal expansion pliers and used technology of Seldinger, which made the operation rapid and accurate, less trauma, less infection and aesthetic surgical incision
                                    Product features:
                                    1) Quick and simple operation.
                                    2) The two-step expansion method of the expansion pliers makes the operation accurate, avoids repeated insertion and reduces damage.
                                    3) The expansion pliers can be used repeatedly.
                                    4) Bedside operation, save time and operating room costs
                                    5) Different types of percutaneous tracheostomy kit are available for clinical selection: ordinary type, suction type, with intubation package or without intubation package.
                                    6) Expansion pliers are designed to disperse stress points and reduce damage.
                                    7) Fixed guide wire and easy to operate
                                    8) Repeatedly use and cost saving
                                    9) Percutaneous tracheostomy is simple and rapid, less traumatic, less postoperative complications, safe operation and significantly superior to the traditional open tracheotomy.
                                    Since the advent of percutaneous pneumonectomy, it has been rapidly promoted in the clinic due to its characteristics of high safety, less operation time, simple operation and less postoperative complications. The operation range ranges from ICU emergency treatment, bedside operation, pre-hospital emergency treatment, etc., so as to win valuable time to save patients' lives.
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